MuleSoft Training at FuturePointtech

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Posted on 29-Oct-2019 11:32
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. Mulesoft course content
Module 1: Introducing Application Networks and API-Led Connectivity
• Explain what an application network is and its benefits
• Describe how to build an application network using API-led connectivity
• Explain what web services and APIs are
• Make calls to secure and unsecured APIs
Module 2: Introducing Anypoint Platform

• Describe the benefits of Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft’s approach to be successful with it
• Describe the role of each component in building application networks
• Navigate Anypoint Platform
• Locate APIs and other assets needed to build integrations and APIs in Anypoint Exchange
• Build basic integrations to connect systems using flow designer
Module 3: Designing APIs

• Define APIs with RAML, the Restful API Modeling Language
• Mock APIs to test their design before they are built
• Make APIs discoverable by adding them to the private Anypoint Exchange
• Create public API portals for external developers
Module 4: Building APIs

• Use Anypoint Studio to build, run, and test Mule applications
• Use a connector to connect to databases
• Use the graphical DataWeave editor to transform data
• Create RESTful interfaces for applications from RAML files
• Connect API interfaces to API implementations
Module 5: Deploying and Managing APIs

• Describe the options for deploying Mule applications
• Deploy Mule applications to CloudHub
• Use API Manager to create and deploy API proxies
• Use API Manager to restrict access to API proxies
PART 2: Building Applications with Anypoint Studio
Module 6: Accessing and Modifying Mule Events

• Log event data
• Debug Mule applications
• Read and write event properties
• Write expressions with the DataWeave expression language
• Create variables
Module 7: Structuring Mule Applications

• Create applications composed of multiple flows and subflows
• Pass messages between flows using asynchronous queues
• Encapsulate global elemen

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